Your idea is our challenge!

Welcome to COMTECSWISS and thank you very much for taking your time. Dry Ice and its wide field of application has challenged us since more than 25 years to find best practise and solutions for our customers. With our engineering, reserach and development team we are more than motivated to realize your ideas at your fullest satisfaction. 

What is your next idea? Talk to us and we will be pleased to be at your service and guarantee you fullest confidentiality.

Dipl. Ing. Winfried Peschke
Head of Engineering and R&D / CTO

Our Dry Ice Technology Development

9 years ago we decided to design and build our own dry ice machines for our inhouse production in Frankfurt /Germany, as we have not found the technology we were looking for. In the beginning we thougth that we are redeveloping the wheel again. Robust design in stainless steel, two machines in one guaranteeing us 50% redundancy in production and minimal service and maintenance costs where just key-factors we wanted to achieve. 

Improvements on design and functionality are ongoing procedures we are following The dry ice facility in Germany is producing 250t of dry ice per months with our proven technology, and the wheel of new development keeps turning.